About Us

Passion & Purpose
Saunders & Associates is an Acoustical and Technology consulting firm based in Dallas, TX, and is dedicated to finding practical solutions for our clients unique projects. Like every other aspect of an architectural project, Acoustics and Technology systems must be properly planned to ensure a successful user experience. Aspects such as environmental acoustics, architectural acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical noise issues are all very important and easily addressed in the early phases of the project. In addition, Audiovisual and Technology systems must be made to fit the user. Systems and acoustic environments that fits one clients expectations may be completely inappropriate for another. Determining the proper application of Audiovisual systems relies heavily on the acoustical environment. Saunders & Associates optimizes both.
Client Care & Attention
Early project planning is vital to the success of any project. The cost of installing many acoustical and technology designs increase exponentially if not planned early and installed during project construction. Saunders & Associates takes pride in planning for each clients individual needs. We apply our years of consulting experience with our years of field installation experience to design a project that is within budget, functionally acceptable, and beyond expectations.
You Talk We Listen
While planning for a project is an integral part of the process, application and installation are just as important. The experience of installation and seeing projects through the Construction Administration phase is an invaluable trait. Saunders & Associates spends the necessary time in the field with the Architect and General Contractor to ensure that the important details are not overlooked.

Strong Company Values

We pride ourselves in providing unique solutions to difficult problems. We work closely with our clients to document solutions that paint a clear picture in the field. Our designs blend seamlessly with the both the architects and owners vision.